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100% electric replica of the Citroën 2CV




New Car


Made in France

You're not dreaming, the electric 2CV will soon see the light of day. As a logical follow-up to the replica of the Méhari, we have been prototyping this marvel in an electric version for several months. Find all the charm of the 2CV, its driving experience, its assets, all without noise or pollution.

This 2CV will have vitaminized performances with a range of 135km up to 250km depending on the battery model chosen, it will be in the chassis to have all the space in the vehicle and gain a maximum of autonomy and efficiency. This car will be discoverable, the seats will be traditional and the model will be that of the famous AZ vehicle of the 50s.

This model is not yet configurable, but it is already available for booking and the choice of colour is not yet definable. While waiting to announce more news about this product we invite you to look at a series of photos of the vehicle taken by Christian Martin, car photographer, on the occasion of the publication of the Auto Journal in October 2019.

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